References for Bible Study

In addition to reading a Bible from your own place or ordering one so that you can open and read it anywhere, the following are some available scripture on the Internet where you can select individual chapters of each book of the Bible and even listen to some while you sit back and concentrate on what they are saying.

Most of the verses quoted on our sites are from the KJV since there is no existing copyright and therefore we can use unlimited quoting from that version.

Bible Gateway: New International Version (NIV) text / NIV audio , King James Version (KJV) text, KJV Old Testament (OT) audio, New King James Version text, and many, many more.

The following are some of the many resources for searching the scripture. Choose a translation you want to search, enter the word or series of words you are interested in, possibly restrict the results to the Old or New Testament or a particular book or series of books from the Bible, and then enter to see your results.

Bible Gateway: Passage search, Word search

International Bible Society

Crosswalk: Search the Bible




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References for Bible study

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